Looking for Talented females!

Interested in joining our aca-family? Well you are in luck! We are currently searching for talented females to join Lakeshore Dynamics! Auditions are happening on a rolling basis until we find the women we are looking for! If interested, please send an email to lakeshoredynamics@gmail.com introducing yourself and your musical experience.

We prefer new members who:

  • come with previous group singing experience
  • read sheet music
  • are able to blend with a group of singers
  • can shine as soloists

We rehearse on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:30pm and expect our members to attend rehearsal regularly. If asked to join the group you must be able to commit to this time frame.

While we expect focus and attention during rehearsal, Lakeshore Dynamics is also a group of close friends, and we want our new members become an active part of our warm, welcoming community.

Audition process

Our initial auditions are 20 minutes. We ask that you perform a solo for us- something that shows off your range and your personality. Please have the song memorized so that we can experience all of your great talent! Additionally, we will take you through a series of scales and exercises to get a better sense of your range, abilities, and pitch-matching.

After auditions, we will let you know if we could like you to come back for a callback. Callbacks take place during normal rehearsal time and you will have a chance to meet the rest of the group. We ask that you prepare another solo for your callback- same as above, and will also give you a piece of our current rep to learn to sing for us and wish us. Callbacks are also 20 minutes.


Hope to meet you soon! Please shoot us an email with any questions or concerns.