Who We Are

Lakeshore Dynamics is an all-gender a cappella group in Chicago. The group aims to constantly improve their musicality, deliver a variety of entertaining performances around the city, and maintain a fun, energetic community.

Current Members

Kadi House

Business Manager, Mezzo-Soprano

Kadi was one of the group’s founding members in fall of 2014. She had just moved to Chicago and was looking for a group of friends, when she stumbled upon Mary Maroney’s post on Meetup about starting a group; it was perfect timing! Music was always a part of Kadi’s life growing up, from piano lessons, choir, and musical theater, to teaching herself guitar, songleading at her synagogue and occasionally writing her own music. Originally from Los Angeles, Kadi is a Cali girl at heart who loves the beach, sandals, yoga, and being a vegetarian.

Corson BarnardCorson Barnard

Music Director, Arrangements Chair, Alto

Arranger of It Ain’t Me

Corson joined in 2017 after graduating from the University of Chicago. She was in The Ransom Notes for her four college years, eventually serving as their music director and marketing chair. Since then, Corson has been working as a freelance composer and music director, gathering credits from several Chicago companies and venues including The Second City, Victory Gardens Theater, and Rhinofest. When she’s not wasting time watching bad TV or Hallmark movies, Corson enjoys painting, sewing, and maximizing the value of her CTA pass.

Katrin Bovbjerg

Operations Manager, Mezzo-Soprano, Vocal Percussion

Arranger of Boys

Kat joined in fall of 2017, after searching HIGH AND LOW (aka soprano and bass ba dum TSHHHHH) for a post-college a cappella group to join. She had spent the previous 4 years singing with her alma mater the University of Chicago’s a cappella group, Men in Drag, serving 3 of those as group president. In her free time, she studies, performs, and teaches comedic improvisation in Chicago. Ask her what comedy shows to see! She works in psychological research as a research study coordinator.

Torin Schuster

Assistant Music Director, Baritone, Vocal Percussion

Torin joined in 2015 shortly after moving to Chicago from living abroad in Taiwan. A cappella and music have been his major passion since his first role in Oklahoma! as a high school freshman. Since then, he has participated in competitive jazz and vocal choirs, played lead and minor characters in dozens of musicals, recorded professionally for ESL companies in Taiwan, and been a part of two all male a cappella groups including Colorado College’s the Back Row. As a Colorado Native, Torin’s favorite audition song is Rocky Mountain High by John Denver. He loves architecture, the outdoors, and all things Asian!

Agnes OtapAgnes Otap

Secretary, Alto

Agnes joined in May 2015, five months after inadvertently completing her undergraduate degree a semester ahead of schedule. As a senior, she was recruited as one of the founding members of UIC’s premier a cappella group, Downtown Voices. Upon graduating, she was sorely missing the regular opportunity to sing. Agnes has been involved in various Chicago vocal ensembles since the third grade, including the WYHS Concert Choir and the UIC University Choir. Outside of singing, Agnes enjoys travel, video games, Netflix, and impersonating Kadi House.

Lizzie AmundsenLizzie Amundsen

Marketing Chair, Website Manager, Soprano

Lizzie joined in 2016, a decade after she moved to Chicago from Minneapolis in 2006. Music has always been a big part of her life. The piano was her first instrument. She played French horn with the band and symphony orchestra throughout secondary school. She also sang in several choirs, musicals, and with her high school jazz band while pursuing individual vocal training outside of school. During college at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, musical outlets were hard to find, so she picked up the banjo. Today, she is happy to sing in her first a capella group with Lakeshore Dynamics. She enjoys art, music, scuba diving, skiing, traveling, time with friends and family and eating delicious food.

Jason Heilweil

Outreach Chair, Tenor

Jason joined in early 2016. Music has been a passion of his for as long as he can remember; from performing at elementary school talent shows, all the way to making the finals of Chicago’s Big Break vocalist competition – he loves to entertain. Jason was part of stage productions in high school all four years, played open mic nights and competitive singing gigs in college and has auditioned for Glee, The Voice, America’s Got Talent and American Idol more than 12 times combined…and he doesn’t plan to stop there.  His favorite karaoke song is I’ll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men and will sing it happily on command. He loves writing, sports, sushi, travel, good old fashioneds and anything that has to do with the water.

Megan HuchingsonMegan Huchingson

Social Chair, Soprano

Megan joined in August of 2017 right after she moved to Chicago in June of 2017. Music has always been an integral part of her life. She started performing in talent shows at a young age, joined choir in high school, was the lead singer for her sorority band in college, and has booked gigs as a wedding singer. While in-between jobs, she worked as a production assistant for American Idol. Megan received a degree in Architectural Engineering from the Missouri University of Science & Technology. She now works for Accenture in healthcare consulting. Outside of music and work, she runs a makeup business, loves staying fit, and meeting new people.

Evan Bell


Evan joined in fall of 2015, shortly after he moved from his hometown of Santa Barbara to Chicago in order to pursue a career in musical theater. He has been singing for over 18 years, with a wide variety of musical experiences including musical theater, jazz, classical, and barbershop groups. He has previously performed with the Northern Colorado Voices, Sound of the Rockies, and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. He has also worked with a few notable artists including Ben Folds, Imogen Heap, Katy Perry, David Crosby, Jimmy Messina, and JR Richards (Dishwalla). If you quote The Office to him, he’ll automatically like you.

Sarah Ritter


Sarah joined in 2015 after hearing about a group of singers who sing on Tuesday nights from her former roommate in nursing school. After singing karaoke multiple times a week, she decided that organized singing could be a good fit and would potentially help her spend less money tipping (bribing) the karaoke DJ. Sarah played classical violin for several years when she was younger which is where she learned how to read music and about music theory. This helped her transition from karaoke to a cappella singing when she joined Lakeshore Dynamics. During the day, she works as a psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner. She enjoys all stereotypically nerdy things like fantasy novels, role playing, board games, and science.

De'Andre WarrenDe’Andre Warren

Bass, Vocal Percussion

Arranger of Do You Wanna Do Nothing With Me

De’Andre joined in 2018. He grew up in Santa Cruz before moving to Chicago to study Biology and Chinese language and culture at the University of Chicago. He is now pursuing his medical degree from the Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University Chicago. He loves cats, foreign languages, and scouring the streets of Chicago in search of the best tacos in town. His favorite genres of music are Jazz, Funk, and EDM. When he’s not studying 24/7, you can find him playing basketball, watching anime, or singing bass lines in the shower.

Mike MattarMike Mattar


Mike joined in 2017. He is originally from Buffalo and has lived in Chicago since 2015. He enjoys singing challenging music, eating juuuust a little too much, and long naps. His life long goal is to find a way to make the world a better place, or at least one day own a home. While the future is uncertain, you can rest easy knowing Mike’s warm low voice will be holding down the bass section of Lakeshore Dynamics.

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